The Back Stories of Artpetals

Elegant card from Artpetal
I don’t know when it occurred to me to get the purple ink out of roses. The image you see, was only my second try of pressing rose petals into paper. This image was tiny. Only about an inch high.  I thought I saw a woman modeling her little shoe. I scanned it at 600 dpi. I liked the image so much I began to work with in in a graphics program. The way I saw it, I only had 2 chances to work with her arm. Either she had it tucked into her bosom, or she was covering her face with it. Her dress and cape were obvious to me. The other Artpetals were not as difficult. Their size was large, especially the wedding dress, I hardly had to do anything to the scanned image. Most of the images were obvious to me, but others could not see them, they saw other things, that I did not. What a fun process this is. To buy the cards, which are only 2.75″ by 3.75″ you can go to this link. They come with a little white envelope.
Imagination at play. A little girl plays dress-up in grandmother’s attic. She notices a bowl of water on the floor. She places her dolly on a tiny pillow, and leaves her blouse dangling, She balances her foot on the side of the heavy bowl, and dips her toe in.

 She balances her foot on the very edge of the heavy bowl, and dips her other foot in.

Rose inc.

You can’t incorporate a rose, but you can incorporate rose ink. Roses have the most beautiful ink you have ever seen.

Seasonal Artpetals® are available. Suited for Weddings, Valentines Day, Birthdays, New Years, and Halloween.

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