Artpetal  Design

Wedding Reception

Did you ever try to get the purple ink out of a rose? This bride who looks out to a pastel horizon, keeps the bouquet she is about to throw relaxed behind her back.  I saw this image in one of my rose petal pressings. 

Our favorite places

Florist cards made from roses are unique.
The process of “rose petal staining” is my own invention. Velvet images seen in the rose ink can be uncanny, and beautiful. Here are some of the florist shops, and vendors who agree, and offer Artpetals® to their clients.

The Halloween Card

 It is frightening to think that you can have anything you want, only to wish for a few pennies.  The Genie drops change into a vase and laughs. 

Elf on a Tea Leaf

This tiny elf is balancing on a tea leaf, as if he is a tight rope walker in a circus act. He is holding up a cup of tea, and is perfectly still.  He is delightful and looks to me like a character from Oliver Twist.   My favorite tea company is Boulder Tea Shop, they know all about elves who balance on tea leaves over there!

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