Rose Petal Staining

I so wanted to draw, but it just didn't work. The walls and everything I looked at had so many images and things going on, but I could not draw them. I would marvel at rose petals because of the deep rich pigment and I always wanted to use it for something. I did use it on fingernails when I did fingernail for women. I would put the center of the petal on the fingernail and then use a hardening agent like a silk wrap. It was absolutely beautiful. I wanted to use the rose petals to make ink but I was not successful. One day I just smeared a rose petal on some paper. Nothing happened. Then I looked at it a few days later and there was an image I could see. It was fine and tiny inside of the rose petal pigment. I brought it out with a fine pencil. Then I was onto something. I began to make artwork using rose petals. It is a magnificent way to learn to draw.


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By LeNor Barry
"Rose Petal Staining"

This art form I created is called “Rose Petal Staining” . It is a combination of Graphic Design and Fine Art. I use rose petals to create images, then I perfect them in photo shop. I made thank you notes out of them, they are available on my Art Petal Website. I know my way around photo shop, and I love teaching this new art form.


Art Petal Website

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