Art Petals Video

By LeNor Barry
I wanted to use the red "ink" found in rose petals to paint with. I couldn't think of a way to get the ink out of them, so I smeared a rose petal on some paper and then began to press them into the paper. I saw some astonishing things in the stains and began to bring them out with a sharp pencil.
To perfect them and remove the stray rose petal stains, I scanned them at a high resolution, and worked with them in Photoshop. I made largeimages out of them and had my favorite ones printed. I like to make cartoons, and that helped me to bring these images out with a sharp pencil. I call this art Pose Petal Staining.
I many ways these cards can be used. The actual size of a FOLDED card is 3.75 by 2 1/2 inches. The unfolded card is the size of a post card. I can print these cards with YOUR domain name on the back if you would like to use them for your business. Quantities are unlimited. Contact LeNor at 612 229 4985 if you would love to arrange some cards for you party of your business!

To see a demonstration of how the roses are pressed click here.

Large Photos of Cards

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